Indie Music Industry – Believe in Yourself

I have been doing this music caper for twenty years.

However, I have only believed in myself for the past five years and in that time I have achieved much more than the fifteen years preceding it.

I don’t remember that moment when I finally climbed up the top of the mountain and put my flag of belief into the

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Digital Cameras – Thoughts on Buying a New One

If one has a look at the selection available, there are more than 1,500 different digital cameras available with a mind-boggling array of features and benefits, and in sizes to suit every hand and pocket possible. There are well-known brands, newer, developing brands, unknown brands… where does one start?

The simplest solution is to pick up an advertising leaflet from

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Seamless Portrait Editing Idea

It’s every photographer’s dream to take beautiful portraits. The idea of capturing seamless beauty of a best friend or beloved one often ransack the brain of college going students, who wants to establish himself as a renowned snapper, at least before his girlfriend. But capturing seamless beauty is not easy as you think, because in reality there is nothing absolute.

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