Get Started with Oil Painting Today

A Quick Introduction to Oil Painting Models

You will need:




Oil Medium


Brushes – Good quality sable brushes. Don’t withhold on the quality here. Brushes would last longer with Oil paints than any other medium if you take good care of it.

Modern synthetic brushes could be even more excellent in quality, so don’t restrict your

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Portrait Painting

There are many reasons why portraits are painted, most of which pertains to the sitter, the person whose portrait you will paint. The sitter would probably want to establish a public image and you, as the artist, would do well to emphasize the status, looks, and personality.

A portrait is also meant to explore the qualities of the sitter that

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Impressionist Paintings

Impressionism was one of the most important art movements in the 19th century that began when a certain section of artists from Paris began a public display of their art. This name was coined after the famous painting of Claude Monet. In the late mid-19th century, artists such as Claude Monet and Pierre-Auguste Renoir began painting in a new style,

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How to Take Good Beach Photos

When you play at the beach, you must want to take some good pictures to keep the happy moments. When the sexy bikini is showing your charming figure, the wide beach hat is highlighting your elegant temperament and the sunglasses is featuring your mysterious smile, you are happy like a baby. But most importantly, you are having fun with your

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Personalise Your Photographs – Enjoy Your Photography More

Modern Digital Cameras are remarkable in that they can help you to take photographs that are almost perfect in a technical sense. The camera manufacturer has included software in the camera’s ‘brain’ which quickly analyses the picture you are taking, compares the result with it’s built-in library and then gives you what the manufacturer thinks is the perfect result. No

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5 Tips for Special Event Photography

Taking photos at a well-lit location is not hard, but when you are at a place where the lighting is not that great, you may find it hard to take photos that will come out great. Given below are a few tips that will help you get ready and do the photography a bit more easily. Read on.

#1 Dress

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