Indie Music Industry – It’s All About Community

We live in a world that is losing its sense of community.

The individual (at the moment) is cherished way above the endeavours of the collective group.

Now, while I believe that individual and group efforts are important I believe that the balance between the two is very one sided. It’s very sad that this is happening.

Quite simply human

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Things That Make a Great Photographer

Great photography does not result from a pile of clicks that are no more than flukes. It is an exemplary demonstration of consistency and character throughout the work. Such beautiful body of work which every established photographer proudly wears as badge is the result of hard work that one does at the professional photography courses. There is a difference in

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Oil Painting Portraits

Before the advent of photography, portrait paintings and sketches were the only way images of loved ones could be preserved for posterity. Perhaps the most famous oil painting portrait in the world is the Mona Lisa, painted by Italian artist and inventor Leonardo da Vinci in the early 1500s. Oil painting portraits became increasingly popular in European countries over the

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Indie Labels Vs Major Record Companies

The music industry has been bemoaning its fate, as the costs of promoting artists and their songs soar while sales slump. It seems that it’s facing a slow, self-inflicted implosion. It blames its demise on the Internet and the easy access that fans have to music that has yet to be released for public consumption. Independent record labels, on the

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Color Mixing Made Easy

Over the years, I have played around with a lot of store-bought colors (I have dozens and dozens of unused old paint tubes in a box in the basement), but I had a lot of trouble making them do the things I wanted them to. And I had a lot of trouble getting my colors to “pop” off the paper.

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Promote Your Business With Professional Product Photography

Strong visuals lend an edge to marketing and advertising campaigns. An image can say a thousand words with great recall value. Catchy images can attract better than a tag line, offer visual cues and greater detail that can be seen and understood. Photography is all about being creative. Creativity really has no borders, different combinations offer opportunities for the best

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