An Exploding World: new photo book by Rankin tackles the

A new photographic coffee table book is set to be released this month by renowned photographer, Rankin. The new limited run publication comprises 68-page color photographic collection of dandelions that are burning and camouflaged in flames. 

The idea behind An Exploding World, as it is titled, explores the aesthetic of destruction through apocalyptic-style imagery that is reminiscent of acts of

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Harvest-themed painting contest draws 160 entries


A unique kind of ‘revolution’ participated by young visual artists from the local governments of the Second District took centerstage in Cadiz City with no less than Mayor Salvador Escalate Jr. and the LGU bankrolling the arts competitions to provide exposure and hone the skills of promising talents.

Late last week, Earl Von Salcedo, a 22-year-old

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Cardi B new song, Hot S**t: inside the meaning of the lyrics

Hot S**t is the new song by Cardi B, produced with Kanye West and Lil Durk. The song has been widely announced by Cardi B on TikTok and has been officially released on July 1st, but in a different way: there won’t be a music video, as the singer is tired to see her image always associated with the sexy

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Wordle fan? The National Gallery of Art has launched a

Summer Brennan can recognize a Vincent van Gogh painting by its wispy, vibrant brushstrokes. A series of loopy spirals or spindly legs? That’s probably Louise Bourgeois.

But after a few days of playing Artle, Brennan, a writer based in Paris, began to notice some holes in her art knowledge. For 30 years, she has indulged her love of visual arts

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June 2022 Miami Restaurant Openings and Closings

Summer is here and thoughts turn to vacations, beach outings, and new places to dine with friends and family.

Notable openings this past month included a beachside pop-up by 2 Korean Girls, a new location for Rosie’s, and Lion & the Rambler in Coral Gables.

Sadly, Miami lost a host of great watering holes with the closing of Wood Tavern,

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Damien Jurado: Reggae Film Star Album Review

Damien Jurado had been making records with assorted musicians for a dozen years before he made his first one with the producer Richard Swift, in 2010. They became instant creative foils and deep companions, cutting cover collections and bonding like brothers. Two essential things happened to Jurado’s music, too: First, Jurado—whose fragile tales of peripatetic loners and soft-spoken losers were

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