7 Classic Films To Watch If You Love Politics

Some of the hardest films to watch have to do with either domestic, or foreign, politics. It isn’t that they subject matter isn’t important or that we, as citizens of a major global player shouldn’t be paying attention. It’s just that movies that deal with politics can wear you down in so many ways including, but not limited to: emotionally,

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What Is 3D Graphic Arts?

3D computer graphics or graphic arts use three-dimensional representations of figures instead of older 2D models. They have several advantages over 2D representations, not least of which is that the representation provider uses much more accurate and realistic, so the results can be much more accurate and realistic, too. Although 2D representations were certainly a good start, 3D models allow

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Saxophone Mouthpiece Tips

The Saxophonists best friend…

What’s Your “Set up”? I often get asked that question, meaning what kind of mouthpiece and reeds do you use. Fortunately I found my perfect set up over 15 years ago and have no need or desire to try anything else because like I said, it’s the perfect set up… for me.

I’ll tell you what

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Knowledge of Graphic Art

Understanding Graphic Art
Due to recent technological advancements, many people have gotten mixed up on the whole business of graphic design art. Is it still an art? Many wonder. The answer is that it still is. The only difference is that graphics use special medium other than the traditional ones. You find that graphic design artist mostly makes use of

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Better Photos with Your Digital Camera

Everyone has a digital camera today and we all take a lot of photos. But if your photos still have trees coming out of your father’s head, mom has red eye, and your beloved pet is never facing the camera then here are some tips to help you take better photos.

1. Always be aware of the background. I know

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