Best Video Settings for the Canon EOS 4000D Rebel T100 DSLR Camera to Shoot Movies

In order to make any changes to the Canon 4000D for video you need to be in video mode, which is the last icon on the mode dial. This enables you to see through the LCD viewing screen at the back and it’s the only way that you can shoot video. You can’t shoot video through the viewfinder.

The back

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Number of Advantage by Clipping Path

Clipping path alludes to the specialty of standing out or removing a few sections of a picture to make it more wonderful. Amid the method, a picture is removed from its essential layer. The point of this system is to disconnect pictures with another foundation. Thusly, cutting way benefits convey a ton of significance. You might need to experiment with

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Best Canon EOS 4000D or Rebel T100 DSLR Camera Settings or Set Up

Of course the first thing to do is install the battery. At the bottom of the camera there is the battery door, which also is the door for the card. If you have bought the camera from a registered dealer, then you will have received an authentic Canon battery. Other, third party cameras are available, but it is always better

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4 Tips to Help You Buy the Right Picture Frames

Taking pictures is an ideal way of preserving great memories of your life. Some people want to frame their favorite pictures and put them somewhere in the house where they can take a look at it on a daily basis. If you want to hang your favorite pictures on a wall, we suggest that you go for the right frame.

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Tips For The Best Event Photographer For Your Occasion

Professional photography is a booming career option among young people these days. Different categories like wildlife, portrait, event photography, street, food – and some other types are available to become professional photographers.

Among these categories, event photography is considered to be a head term of professional photography.

For example, wedding photography is very popular. Along with pre wedding shoots, wedding

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Club DJ Vs Wedding DJ

We came across friends asking us the difference between a Club DJ and a Wedding DJ. A very interesting question that we thought it might come handy to put it on a blog and see what other people have to say as well.

1. Audience.

Club DJ’s usually serve a very similar demographic of people with similar preference or taste

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