Are the arts “building back better” with new audiences?

Row X blog by Hannah Grannemann

When arts organizations went into shutdown in 2020 and 2021, they asked audiences, donors, staffs, and their communities to continue supporting them even when they weren’t producing and open to the public because they were working hard during the shutdowns to improve themselves in myriad ways, including building new audiences.

They weren’t going to

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How the Pandemic Forced F5 to Flex its Software Side

Multi-cloud application network and cybersecurity solutions provider F5 (NASDAQ: FFIV) stock has fallen (-35%) for the year. F5 enables organizations and data centers to defend its networks and applications from hackers and bots. The Company has largely pursued a growth by acquisition strategy to enter into and expand footprints in its operating segments. The Company is benefiting from the robust

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Sharon Stone Got Dumped By Younger Man For Not Getting Botox

Sharon Stone learned the hard way what Hollywood does to women as they age: It ignores them. Sure enough, after becoming one of the biggest stars of the ’90s, she was used up and tossed as she entered middle age. Perhaps that gave her tough (or at least tougher) skin, because now she doesn’t take crap from anyone. In the

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This is not a blip

When change happens it often takes the perspective of looking back years, or even decades, later to appreciate just how meaningful that change was. Other times, it happens so fast that it can be difficult to appreciate its magnitude because people become desensitised to the perpetual torrent of bad news. It is the latter situation in which we find ourselves

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Retro Review: 23 years ago, Nikon’s groundbreaking D1 DSLR

After a brief hiatus, Gordon Laing of Cameralabs is back with a new Retro Review, this time focused on Nikon’s landmark DSLR, the Nikon D1. First released in 1999, the D1 was the first DSLR Nikon designed and built by itself, following prior Nikon digital cameras built around Fujifilm bodies, like the Nikon E2 and E2S.

As Laing points out,

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Concerns unheeded over Edmonton buffalo sculpture:

EDMONTON – An Indigenous educator and community advocate says he raised concerns over a now-scrapped public art project that had been planned for Edmonton’s river valley, but he was not listened to.

“If you’re going to have Indigenous consultations, you have to actually listen,” said Lewis Cardinal, who was part of the Wicihitowin Talking Circle, an Indigenous consultation group that

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