Culture Shock: Reassessing the Workshop


I had been living in Japan for 20 years when I moved back home to the United States in 2011. Upon my return, I decided that I would finally focus my energies on creative writing. But where to begin? The more I consulted friends and colleagues, the more I heard the same thing, over and over

“Whatever you do,

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Institutional Support For TJX Companies May Cap Gains

The institutional support for TJX Companies (NYSE: TJX) remains high at 91.5% but their activity may cap gains in the near term. The institutions have been net-sellers for the last two consecutive quarters and that trend may not end with the Q2 earnings report. While the selling is light at only $0.52 billion the shift from buying to

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Storm Beat The Mystics 86-83 In Game 1 Of The WNBA Playoffs

For years, WNBA fans have hoped to see a full-strength matchup between the Mystics and Storm in the playoffs, and this year they got that wish in the first round as both teams finished 22-14 on the season, earning the 4- and 5-seeds in the postseason.

The best-of-3 series got underway on Thursday night in Seattle and delivered an instant

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Mo Ostin, US record exec who signed Jimi Hendrix and the

Mo Ostin, the US record executive who signed the Kinks and Jimi Hendrix and presided over Warner/Reprise records for three decades, has died aged 95.

“Mo Ostin was one of a kind,” said record executive Clive Davis. “And the company he chaired was totally unique in its very special management and, of course, the depth of artistry which affected contemporary

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CineD launches new database tools, including a database to

CineD has been working on a new camera and lens database for years and they’re available now. The CineD Databases include a range of useful tools, including breakdowns of cameras, lenses, and an impressive Lens Coverage Tool that tells you if a lens can cover your camera’s sensor in a selected recording mode.

Let’s take each of the three new

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Darwin’s Lost Treasure, Found | The New Yorker

In a dimly lit basement in the Cambridge University Library, a conservator recently removed two reddish-brown, leather-bound notebooks from a moisture-controlled glass display case. The notebooks—one labelled “B” and the other “C”—belonged to the nineteenth-century naturalist Charles Darwin. In the spring of 1837, while wandering the filthy streets of London fresh from a five-year world-spanning expedition, he filled their pages

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