‘It feels harder than ever’: independent radio stations

Gilles Peterson got his first broadcast gig aged 16 at Radio Invicta, the pirate station that boasted it put “soul over London”. He got his own slot a year later, and has spent the ensuing four decades channelling his inquisitive musical spirit into shows with Kiss FM and the BBC, as well as his Brownswood record label, and festivals

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Slang For Guitarists; Learn The Lingo

Slang For Guitarists

If you’ve ever spent some time around a guitarist, you’ve likely heard some interesting words being used in conversation. As musicians are creative by nature, it isn’t uncommon to hear words used in an odd manner.

What’s even more baffling to outsiders is that these words have their own meaning outside of traditional contexts. If you want to be a

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33 Best 2000s Love Songs

Best 2000s Love Songs

The best 2000s love songs span genres like easy listening, contemporary, rock, country, jazz, and R&B.

We hope you enjoy these love songs of the 2000s that range from raps about being in love to slow, beautiful songs suitable for a newly married couple’s first dance.

“You Raise Me Up” by Josh Groban

Song Year: 2003 

You can interpret

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‘The uncertainty is the worst thing’: the energy bill crisis

With a 200-year history, Band on the Wall in Manchester is one of north-west England’s best-loved music venues. Over the years, it has hosted jazz greats, pivotal early appearances by Buzzcocks, Joy Division and the Fall, and more recently the likes of James Blake and Self Esteem. However, like most of the nation’s venues, it is now reeling from the

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C.R.E.A.T.E. An entertainment manifesto | Music Industry

When we first formed MIDiA eight years ago, we saw the new entertainment world was going to require a new joined up approach for entertainment businesses. With the start of the ascent of the smartphone we made an intellectual bet that everything was going to become more interconnected, inter-dependent and inter-competitive. Our vision then, was to build analysis and data

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Are Guitars Vegan? Do They Contain Animal Products, Or Are

Are Guitars Vegan

If you’re a vegan, you’ve probably wondered if your favorite stringed instrument conforms to your lifestyle. And you may also have discovered that many traditional guitars are not vegan, and use several animal products.

But we don’t think that should stop you from pursuing your passion! Here’s a quick guide that’ll tell the entire history of animal products in guitars,

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