Poland wants Russia to return paintings looted during WWII

WARSAW, Poland (AP) — Poland will formally ask Russia to return seven paintings now in a leading Moscow museum that were looted during World War II by the Soviet Red Army, the Polish culture minister said Wednesday.

But Piotr Glinski also said that about 20 previous requests to Moscow for the return of thousands of other items stolen during WWII

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The ancient city of Jeddah is being bulldozed

No wonder saudis call Muhammad bin Salman, their crown prince and de facto ruler, the Bulldozer. Fly into Jeddah, Saudi Arabia’s second and most charming city, and vast empty patches scar the landscape. Most of its southern districts and much of its centre have gone. Herds of mechanical diggers paw at the remnants of mosques, schools, factories and blocks

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The life of pioneering choreographer Martha Graham – Claudia

The cover of Martha Graham: When Dance Became Modern

WHEN I BEGAN WRITING ABOUT DANCE in the early 2000s, the Martha Graham Dance Company was only just staggering out of a horrifying limbo. Graham had died in 1991 at the age of ninety-six, leaving her estate to Ron Protas, a man decades her junior who had become her close companion late in her tumultuous life. The controversial heir laid

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To accurately portray histories, museums need to do more

There is a wave of change underway in North American museums. Museums and galleries are re-evaluating their own places and roles in colonial history and discourse. This change has resulted in galleries being closed or decolonized across Canadian museums.

But are these moves enough to disassemble colonial ideologies and narratives that have underpinned museums for so long?

Museums have historically

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Male artists dominate galleries. Our research explored if

In the art world, there is a gaping gender imbalance when it comes to male and female artists.

In the National Gallery of Australia, only 25% of the Australian art collection is work by women.

This is far better than the international standard where roughly 90% of all artworks exhibited in major collections are by men. The most expensive painting

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Runway teases AI-powered text-to-video editing using written

Enlarge / A still from Runway’s “Text to Video” teaser promo suggesting image-generation capabilities.


In a tweet posted this morning, artificial intelligence company Runway teased a new feature of its AI-powered web-based video editor that can edit video from written descriptions, often called “prompts.” A promotional video appears to show very early steps toward commercial video editing or generation,

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