4 Graphic Design Rules That Should Always Be Followed

Balance and alignment

All elements placed on a page have their own visual weight. Weight can come in the form of size, color or texture. No one would put all the furniture in the corner of a room. In a similar way, designers should not crowd all heavy elements in only one area of their composition. When there is no

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5 Definite Dont’s When It Comes to Graphic Design

Not paying attention when receiving instructions

Communication is always important, especially when it comes to the relation between a client and a professional ofering a service. Clear and informative instructions are a requisite from the client, but it is also the responsibility of designers to make sure that these instructions are understood even if this means asking some more questions

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5 More Definite Dont’s in Graphic Design

Using Stock Images

It is alright to use stock images however, designers should use them sparingly. When they use a lot of stock photos, their project could look unprofessional and even cheap at times. In addition, there are many stock images that can be recognized right away by viewers since they see them all the time.

For instance, imagine a

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4 Ways Background Remover Tools Help You Craft Stunning Marketing Collateral

Creating visually appealing marketing collateral is a matter of minutes if you choose to use the best free background remover tool. Online photo-editing tools are pretty easy to use. Unlike manual editing, you don’t have to struggle when crafting marketing collateral. You could craft amazingly beautiful business cards, Instagram photos and much more but with less effort. Switching between different

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The Importance of a Great Graphic Design for a Business

A great graphic design can do much more than just improving the looks of your website. It can help you communicate your business message to your audience in the most effective way. Today’s businesses make use of graphics to improve their marketing funnel in order to inform, delight, and convince their prospective customers to buy their products or services. Let’s

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Costa Blanca Arts Update – Sex on the Beach – Sculptures by Antoni Miró in Altea

Two years ago, artist Antoni Miró exhibited a series of sculptures around Valencia’s old port district. Opinion at the time was divided about his work, with some convinced that these images in bronze outline were just too risqué for public view. Further south, on the Costa Blanca, almost all seafront bars offer a cocktail called Sex On The Beach, so

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