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A Quick Introduction to Oil Painting Models

You will need:




Oil Medium


Brushes – Good quality sable brushes. Don’t withhold on the quality here. Brushes would last longer with Oil paints than any other medium if you take good care of it.

Modern synthetic brushes could be even more excellent in quality, so don’t restrict your

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Portrait Painting

There are many reasons why portraits are painted, most of which pertains to the sitter, the person whose portrait you will paint. The sitter would probably want to establish a public image and you, as the artist, would do well to emphasize the status, looks, and personality.

A portrait is also meant to explore the qualities of the sitter that

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Impressionist Paintings

Impressionism was one of the most important art movements in the 19th century that began when a certain section of artists from Paris began a public display of their art. This name was coined after the famous painting of Claude Monet. In the late mid-19th century, artists such as Claude Monet and Pierre-Auguste Renoir began painting in a new style,

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