Everything You Wanted to Know About the Music Industry

The music industry itself sells recordings, performances and compositions of music. This industry is not the easiest market to get into, but it isn’t necessarily consider as the hardest either. There are a number of music industry jobs available to those seeking a career within the music industry including but not limited to:

Musicians – The people who composes and/or performs the music.

Music Publishers/Producers – Also known as record labels, this is where you would go to get a record deal. Music producers are a group of professionals who create and sell composed and recorded music.

Booking Agents – The booking agent is the individual that books (schedules), organizes and presents music performances live.

Business Managers/Talent Mangers – These are the ones that assist in the musician’s career – helping them along the way.

Ultimately, there are four major corporate music labels that dominate in the recorded music business – Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, EMI and Warner Music Group. These four major recording labels all have several smaller organizations and labels working beneath them throughout the world in diverse markets.

The music industry

is a tough industry to break into, but once you’ve got your feet wet, it becomes less overwhelming and less complicated. Remember that this industry is all about who you know. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind when trying to break into the music industry.

Be Professional – While it is an obvious choice, being professional is necessary and is often overlook by many.

Show That You Want to Work – The music industry isn’t just about non-stop partying and meeting other musicians. The music industry is full of hard work and requires a ton of motivation and dedication. Without this, you will fail.

Get Everything in Writing – If you are offered anything at all, regardless of how little it is, get it in writing. Without some type of signed agreement, you virtually have nothing. It’s even a good idea if there isn’t any money.

Ask for What You Want – Do you want an intern at Sony Music Entertainment? Maybe you want to work with a particular producer or maybe you want to open for your favorite band? You have to ask. No one can read minds regardless of how bad we want to. Ask – sometimes the answer will be no, but when you least expect it, you may just receive a yes!