Lexar’s new Diamond Series CFexpress Type B cards come in

Longsys, the parent company of storage brand Lexar, has announced its new Lexar Diamond Series CFexpress Type B memory cards. These new cards offer transfer speeds up to 1,900MB/s, making them some of the fastest CFexpress cards on the market.

According to Longsys, these cards offer maximum read and write speeds of 1,900MB/s and 1,700MB/s, respectively, as well as sustained write speeds of 1,600MB/s, making them more than fast enough for the VPG 400 certification they’ve received. As is usually the case though, it’s unlikely you’ll hit these transfer rates with your typical setup, considering the testing equipment used by manufacturers is typically top-tier equipment done in very controlled environments.

Thankfully, PetaPixel has gone hands-on with the new Lexar Diamond Series CFexpress Type B cards to see how they perform in real-world usage compared to other CFexpress cards on the market.¹ In PetaPixel’s test, the cards averaged peak write and read speeds of 833MB/s and 794.5MB/s, respectively. While a far cry from the claimed peak speeds, that’s still faster than every other CFexpress Type B card PetaPixel has tested, aside from Sony’s Tough CFexpress Type B cards.

Lexar’s Diamond Series fell short in sustained performance, measuring roughly 500MB/s, but in burst photo performance, PetaPixel noticed a dramatic performance increase over its contemporaries. Specifically, PetaPixel said the Lexar Diamond card was able to write images taken on a Canon R5’s highest burst photo speed for ‘just over 30 seconds,’ which is a massive jump from the second-place finisher, which was the Delkin Devices Black Series cards that topped out just shy of 20 seconds before hitting the buffer.

Lexar Diamond Series CFexpress Type B memory cards are available in 128GB and 256GB capacities for $220 and $380, respectively.

¹You can read PetaPixel’s real-world testing methods here.