Music Industry Networking Events

In the music industry you need to have a lot of contacts. For better or worse, people like to work with people that they know, especially when they are pulling long hours in recording studios or on the road. Therefore, good networking can prove to be the key to your success in the music industry. Since so many music professionals have also recognized that this is true, there are many music industry networking events in cities across the nation all year long.

Networking opportunities can crop up in even the most mundane situations. You might be invited to a friend’s baby shower and meet someone there who has a recording studio. You might be waiting for a meeting at a record label and meet another musicians with whom you later collaborate. If you are listening to live music at a club, there might be a music business networking opportunity with the performers, the club owners, or other music industry reps who came to listen to the performance. You should always have your business cards with you and put your best foot forward. You never know what chances might arise.

There are also a lot of music industry networking events that are planned by the industry and attended by professionals looking to make more contacts. For instance, Billboard has an annual networking event that consists of vendor booths, industry related talks, and plenty of time to meet other professionals over drinks and dinner. While it may seem to the outsider like a weekend of fun, it is actually a lot of work to meet new people and make new contacts. Universities like Belmont and Berklee also provide formal networking sessions, both for their student and alumni as well as for the general public. If you are gregarious but not too pushy, truly any meeting can become a music business networking event.