Nico Norena Brings The Succulent Bite To Your Kitchen With

And your biggest high?

One of the moments I enjoyed the most out of the book was photographing the cover that book cover. I’ll post a reel about that down the line when I have a physical copy of the book, which should be in a couple of weeks, of the behind-the-scenes of photographing that book cover. For that, I used my dear friend, Kevin, who owns a company called Baco Studio. They’re the ones who designed my logo, the Succulent Bite logo. Now, they’re the ones who are photographing my first book cover.

There’s a lot of emotional ties and emotional connections there that I found to be very gratifying because we’re coming full circle in the sense of, “Hey, you help me start the brand.” They’re helping me launch my first book by photographing the cover, which is what everybody’s going to see. 

I remember I baked four or five different desserts for that book launch or for the book cover. We went to a house … and we photographed. It was such a really cool moment. Ariana, my fiancée, was there helping with creative direction. It was a very team effort. We were all hands on deck and it came out super cool. Honestly, that’s one of the parts I’m most excited about is being able to showcase that to the world. 

When people were trying your recipes for this book, what were your taste-testers’ favorite recipes?

We photographed at a bakery in Miami that had the equipment necessary to be able to put out all these desserts and fast production. They loved all the recipes because as they were filming, they were trying. They were like, “This is honestly incredible.” Having constructed positive feedback from other experts in the industry, who have bakeries and bake for a living every single day and sell to consumers every single day — that was really cool because I was like, wow, “Nice, I’m receiving validation.” 

I know my stuff is great, but receiving validation from other fellow bakers that sell these to a consumer was really great. Honestly, they love the cheesecakes.

I’m telling you the cheesecakes are the banger. I think I’m going to have a second book. Hopefully, that’s just on cheesecakes, because I’ve developed so many other flavor variations after the ones I selected for the book that I feel like we could create a whole new book just on cheesecakes. They could be called, “Succulent Bite’s Passion for Cheesecakes Volume 2.” Some of their favorites were the no-bake Kinder cheesecake — that was one of the popular ones, and the Oreo basque-style cheesecake. That one was very good too.