Pro-Tips to Prepare for a Photo Shoot

1. Eliminate Salt and Alcohol: No closer than a week out from your shoot, cut back on salt and limit or all together stop consuming alcohol. If you are out multiple nights a week drinking with friends, opt for a soda water or cranberry juice. Both salt and alcohol cause you to retain water, especially in your face, which can

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The Best Canon DSLR Camera Lenses for Different Kinds of Photography

Canon make some great DSLR cameras, and Canon users are very lucky because there are some superb lenses to go with them. Of course, all lenses are a compromise – the perfect lens does not exist, that will shoot all types of photography brilliantly. Kit lenses – the manufacturers generalist lenses – are usually pretty good at many styles, but

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Basic Things You Should Know Before Jumping Into Food Photography

There are more than a dozen of genres defined for photography. No matter you are a beginner or a pro, you can familiarize yourself with a category of your choice or as per your interest. Food photography comes under still life photography genre and it is used to capture still life photos of food. This category comes under commercial photography

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Importance of Narrow Aperture in Landscape Photography

A narrow aperture means that the depth of field is smaller. If your lens has a very small diameter, you will have to use a longer shutter speed (larger f-stop) to achieve the effect. This reduces the amount of light that enters the camera, resulting in a blurred image.

A wide angle lens is capable of much wider depth of

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Digital Photography & ‘Special Effects’ Yet Some Prefer to Use Film

I recently talked to a young man who I discovered was very interested in photography (he did not know anything about my own ‘Special Effect’ photography), and having told me that it was his main hobby, I was intrigued, and very surprised, when he explained that he far preferred to use film rather than digital imaging. Even though it

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Best Video Settings for the Canon EOS 4000D Rebel T100 DSLR Camera to Shoot Movies

In order to make any changes to the Canon 4000D for video you need to be in video mode, which is the last icon on the mode dial. This enables you to see through the LCD viewing screen at the back and it’s the only way that you can shoot video. You can’t shoot video through the viewfinder.

The back

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