Painting Facts

Painting, beauty resides both in the word and its meaning. There could be no man
in earth who detests a painting. Dwelling in the technological era, men still
run behind this ancient art, because a “painting” allows him to think.
Painting like all other art is above all praises. Basically there could be no
reason stated for falling in love with a painting, we love a painting because
it is one.

In this jet world where every thing moves very fast, a beautiful painting would
act like a speed breaker, giving us some space to ponder. Paintings can be used
for basically anything.

Painting as a decoration

A lot of people decorate their homes with their favorite collection of paintings.
This is because paintings enhance one’s feeling and thus they give out a
pleasant aura. A painting would prove to be the best decorative element. The colors
and objects in a painting would capture one’s mind. A lovely painting would
add glamour to your residence. Every time you see a painting it offers something
new and unique. And a painting is a great piece to be explored, where the exploration
would continue forever.

Paintings can be used for decorative purposes not only in residences, but also
in work places. A painting would make the whole place look better and fine. Nowadays
paintings are used as a remedial tool in the Chinese astrology called the Feng
Shui. According to the Feng Shui, if any area or corner in the house does not
show signs of proper positive vibrations, then a painting can be hung in that
place as a corrective measure. A painting is also said to bring about positive
vibration and hence happiness.

Paintings can help in psychological problems

It has been reported that paintings can help in checking the level sanity. This
would be really helpful for psychologically affected persons. Just like music,
paintings also have the power of healing. Their mild and serene nature makes
a viewer reflect about himself. There is a famous saying that if speech is silver,
silence is gold; likewise a painting speaks the golden language of silence.

Paintings help kids

A child and a painting have similar characteristics, both are beautiful. The young
minds of children can be properly molded with the paintings. A painting broadens
their horizons. The painting allows their imaginative mind to open up, thus exposing
them to the art world. They are able to grasp things and are susceptible to improvement.

Secret paintings

Have you ever wondered about the secrets hidden inside a painting? On closer
inspection every painting will reveal its own secret. During early times some
paintings were used to transfer secret information. And now historians are trying
to decode the messages fused inside the paintings to learn about the facts of
the past. The world’s most renowned painter Learn ado da Vinci is eminent
for concealing facts inside his paintings.

Paintings always prove to be objects of glory and they never miss to mark their
stand across generations. That is why we get immensely attracted to these subtle