Restaurant Menu Covers Get Creative

Restaurant menu covers have come a long way and come in many styles, from practical to exotic with numerous options. Knowing what styles are available and the various material choices can be helpful in designing your perfect cover.

A practical menu cover for casual dining is the Cafe Cover, commonly used in coffee shops, corner cafes and dinners. The cafe cover is a clear vinyl cover in which the actual menu is encased in vinyl with color binding sewn around the edge and metal corners. This cover can be made in various sizes, configurations and multiple pages to suit your restaurant and menu. These menus can be made with pockets or short panels to display your specials. There are a number of options for materials including nylon, leather grain or lizard skin and are available in colors to coordinate with your restaurant decor.

Another practical and durable cover is a Royal Cafe, which is a hard cover with binding sewn around the edge and metal corners that add durability. This cover offers many options including many configurations, multiple pages and can be made with clear vinyl pages which cover your menus or corner catches to slip the menu page into. This style offers lots of variety for design including matching, contrasting or coordinating cover materials to the binding materials and colors as well as multiple cover material colors. Your restaurant name and logo can be de-bossed and/or foil stamped in a variety of colors. Some of the materials include basketball and football, great for sports bars. Think steak house with brown and white cowhide or deep leather grained material.

Turned edge restaurant menu covers offer almost endless opportunities for creativity. Turned edge covers are constructed with all edged French turned with no stitching and is generally padded. These covers can be made with or without padding and are also available in an ultra thin style for a thinner, lighter cover. The frame style that works well for single page menus or wine lists with the menu page inserted into the cover and looks as though it is in a frame. Turned edge covers are available in single panel for a one page menu or multiple pages to accommodate up to 8 pages of menu.

Turned edge covers can be made of almost any material so the choices are many. Natural cork is a great option for wine lists, seafood restaurants, dining establishments by the shore, or with an ocean theme. A basket weave material can add that tropical look and feel. Ostrich skin will add a more exotic look and feel to a menu cover or lizard skin for that Southwestern theme. Want a more art deco or modern look, check out the metallic materials. For a more antique look there are wood grain fabrics that look great. If cost is not a concern, real leather is available or if you would like real leather that is less pricy and more durable bonded leather looks, feels and smells wonderful. Many more options are available including linen and leather grained book cloth. Combine two contrasting materials for that truly one of a kind look.

With turned edge restaurant menu covers there are many design options that can be implemented such as windows on the cover to frame a picture, photo or metal insert. Metal inserts are generally embossed copper or aluminum available in different finishes. Pictures or renderings can be laminated to the cover as well as foil stamping of designs, logos and establishment name can be added in single or multiple colors.