U.K. Inflation Jumps to 10.1 percent, Pushed Higher by Food

Consumer prices in Britain continued to jump higher in July, rising 10.1 percent from a year earlier, the fastest pace since 1982.

Rising food prices pushed inflation into double digits for the first time in four decades. The inflation rate rose higher than economists had expected, increasing 0.6 percent from the previous month, the Office for National Statistics said on

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John L. Eastman, McCartney’s Lawyer in Beatles’ Strife, Dies

John L. Eastman, a lawyer for musicians and artists whose representation of famous clients like Paul McCartney, Billy Joel and Willem de Kooning made him a force in the entertainment world, and who played a key part in a power struggle over the control of the Beatles’ business in the last days of the band, died on Aug. 10 in

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Mo Ostin obituary | Pop and rock

It is usually the artists who are the household names in the music business, but there have been a handful of executives who became well known in their own right, such as Clive Davis at Columbia Records and Ahmet Ertegun at Atlantic. One of the greats was Mo Ostin, who was renowned as a champion of music and musicians. During

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Samsung’s $3,500 Odyssey Ark is a 55″ curved 4K monitor with

Samsung’s Odyssey Ark gaming monitor was unveiled at this year’s CES and has now found its way into the hands of some reviewers. We don’t often report on gaming monitors, but the Odyssey Ark is an altogether different beast. The 55″ Quantum Mini-LED 1000R curved display boasts a 4K UHD resolution, 1ms response time and 165Hz refresh rate. All that

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Laura Ingraham Thinks America May ‘Turn The Page’ On Trump

It’s been over seven long, long, oh so very long years since Donald Trump formally announced he was entering politics. It probably feels even longer than that. America was already a divided nation when he kicked off his first presidential campaign, but he made things even worse, and even if he does wind up in the slammer, neither he nor

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Senate G.O.P. Campaign Arm Slashes TV Ad Buys in Three

SAN FRANCISCO — Nancy Pelosi has made two very different, almost irreconcilable statements about her political future.

In 2018, she pledged that 2022 would be her last year as House Democratic leader, acceding to a term limit to quell an uprising and secure a second stint as speaker. In January, she announced she was running for another two-year term in … Read More