The Simpsons and Family Guy Are Not Cartoons!

I have met a lot of people lately who don’t seem to care for animated shows, which is fine, but these people can never give me a real reason as to why. “I don’t like cartoons” is the reason I repeatedly hear. The thought of calling The Simpsons, Family Guy, or even South Park, a cartoon, is just ridiculous. The writing of the characters, stories, and humor, is a very difficult thing to comprise and maintain. To have the ability to do it for years and years while still being fresh and funny is very tough, and should be recognized for more than just a cartoon.

On October 14th, 1960, the night The Flintstones first episode aired, I don’t think they knew just how groundbreaking this new animated show was. It has now survived the test of time and can still be seen today on streaming sights and reruns all over the world. I know it was an animated Honeymooner’s, but it was great and is still funny to this day. Hanna-Barbera Productions, Inc made a strong standard of quality with everything that it was involved in, and The Flintstones was no different. Unfortunately for the time it was made and the other HBP work, it has been and will always be noted as a cartoon. I guess I would have to agree, even if I don’t want too.

There would be many animated shows to come, The Jetsons being one, but many of them would fail and it wasn’t until a family of five made an appearance on The Tracy Ullman Show, pushing open the door The Flintstones left ajar. The Simpsons arrived into American living rooms April 19, 1987, and has been there ever since. Becoming the longest running show in history and is still airing to date. The Simpsons has given freedom to other animated shows and writers with its satirical parody of the way we live our lives.

People like Matt Groening, and Seth Macfarlane (Family Guy) took this very simple formula of great characters, outstanding writing, and perfect voices to a level that was never imagined. Creating Springfield in such a manner to mock every facet of our personalities and society is genius. Quahog is another perfect example of generalizing society and stereo types, being exaggerated to the point of insanity. It is something that animated shows have the freedom to do, and get away with.

I have lost count of the number of animated shows that are on now. Between Fox and Adult Swim, there are many. I think that the more sophisticated side of the animated series’, the two I have mentioned in this article, make them benchmarks in modern television and should be treated as such. The complexity and organization of the comedy that takes place in these shows is pure perfection. I think you should open your mind and your eyes to see that the way we live our lives is actually quite funny. To generalize the way we look at things gives us a basic truth, no matter what ridiculous circumstances are surrounding it.