Using vintage aesthetics with a modern twist, photographer

One way in which Abdulaziz breaks these rules is through weaving fictional narratives throughout his works. The Habayib Club is one such narrative, a fictionalised club that Abdulaziz has created, for “people who are afraid to express their feelings and emotions”. Conceived in form of a mock-up type of promotional poster for the club, it sees a male figure lounging on a pink spade, drink in hand, and an air of calm made palpable with the pastel colours and reclining position. He’s paid close attention to each element of the image, and the kummah hat that sits atop the subjects head is embroidered with hearts is intended to represent “that love, traditional clothes, and traditions as a whole are in sync”. The drink, Abdulaziz continues to share, is in fact a love potion that, once drunk, gives its consumer the courage to express their emotion.

Love potions are a recurring theme throughout Abdulaziz’s photographs, with the significance being tied to a sense of transformation. In the Magic Land, an image directly inspired by Michael Angelo’s The Creation of Adam, two men sit amongst pyramids, reaching toward one another, the love potion suspended between their hands. “Known for their love of the supernatural, a young Omani man finds himself in ancient Egypt, searching for an ever potent love potion,” Abdulaziz says, sharing the message behind the image. “The young man befriends a young Egyptian boy who has curated and harnessed the power of this potion.” Another image visualises the effects of such a potent potion, with three shirtless men holding a sign upon their shoulders. Having “over-indulged” on the love potion, the men decide to “overthrow the rigid rules of masculinity, to create their own reality of strength and a new ‘masculine’ way of being”. This, Abdualziz explains, is playing on traditional ‘male only’ spaces, that often “push a specific agenda, and a certain way to be masculine”. Going forward, Abdulaziz wants to continue his detailed depiction of the fictional Habayib Club. However, he now wants to explore its much darker, more sinister side.