Why Should You Use Vector Graphic Art Logo Design for Your Trademark?

Are you trying to create a logo design for your newly established business and don’t know where to start?

Want to make your business emblem innovative and distinct?

Then you should use graphic arts for your brand mark.

Graphic art logo design is one of the most popular design styles in the logo industry. Here, the designers work with painted, calligraphic, drawn and computer generated illustrations which gives them a wider margin for creativity and innovation as compared to photographs or clip art for trademark designs.

But there are also a few types within graphic arts within which vector icons are the best.

Want to know why? We’ll tell you.

1. Images can be expanded or reduced without losing their original resolution:

Vector icons are made up of points, lines and curves instead of pixels. It means that the mathematics of these pictorials allows it to be expanded or reduced to any size and it would still not lose its original resolution. This can be quite advantageous for companies that use different type of marketing mediums from bill boards to business cards because they don’t need to design an individual trademark for each platform.

2. The images look high quality:

The best part about these types of images is that they look high quality compared to other picture formats as there are no jagged edges. Whether the visual is printed or used in a poster, it does not lose its high quality look.

3. They are perfect for detailed illustrative work:

Because they are illustrated through lines and curves instead of pixels or square, they are perfect if the figure that you are trying to craft demands intricate details. Other image formats will never be able to do that level of justice to your delicate design as vector shall.

4. They can easily modified:

Since these illustrations are constructed with individual objects and shapes, they can be easily modified which means that their shape and colors can be altered effortlessly.

5. Softwares for creation can be easily found:

There are many great types of software available in the market through which vector art logo designs can be created quite easily. This means that if you are a small business owner who wants to create his own trademark design, then he can easily purchase one of those softwares and create a high quality business symbol through his creativity provided that he has knowledge of software application usage.

The only disadvantage that this type of art serves is that the icons look more animated than real. They cannot produce a ‘continuous tone’ photographic look that some other graphic formats can. But even after that the vector images are perfect for most of the business trademark types. For example, you can create this type of emblem for corporate companies, dress designers, hotels and restaurants, car manufacturers or performing arts group.